Stolo Cabinets is a state of the art cabinet, countertop and millwork manufacturer. We offer excellent quality at affordable prices and professional installation for commercial projects. 



Our estimating department has over fifty years of experience in woodwork and casework fabrication. We utilize a parametric estimating program to ensure accurate and quick pricing for any size project.



Our Engineering department utilizes the latest CAD technology to produce submittal and production drawings. Every job is optimized so that the right amount of material is purchased at the right time. Information then transfers seamlessly from CAD generated shop drawings to CNC programming to ensure there are no mistakes during production.



Housed inside our building are state of the art CNC machines used to provide a product of the highest standards in the industry. We continually strive to improve not only our products but also our attention to detail.



We utilize our own union installation crews so prevailing wage or union projects are no problem. Our teams are able to provide a first class installation for any woodworking product we have encountered.

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Our team of expert estimators, engineers and installers will get the job done on time without compromising quality.

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